On behalf of the Paranormal Clergy Institute, we would like to welcome and thank you for 
visiting us today!

As you will see, the Institute was created for everyone.  Because of the clear rise in 
Demonic infestations and attacks, we felt that it was imperative that we offer the 
community at large a place to go in case they need help.  

Please know that our services are completely free to you!

The Institute works closely with Afterdark Paranormal Investigators in Louisville, KY. They are truly an incredible team and they too feel that this is their ministry.  At the Institute, we not only offer a scientific method to our investigations but we also offer the Spiritual element as well.

Our services are free but we humbly accept donations so that we can continue our 
ministry to those suffering from demonic attacks.

Peace and blessings to you

Paranormal Clergy Institute


Call to Paranormal Groups

10/10/2009 16:52
Because the demand has increased dramatically for our services, the Paranormal Clergy Institute is looking for teams who want to become  Affiliated Investigators for the Paranormal Clergy Institute.  Send us an e-mail if you and your group is interested.