There are those that claim to be Demonologist and Exorcist but yet, they claim that Demons do not exist.  Some of these individuals actually make statements like, "Demons are just a figment of someone's imagination or Demons are emotions that people carry with them."

Simply stated, Demonic activity does exist and Demonic Possession is certainly a fact. The Clergy members at the Paranormal Institute have seen first hand what TRUE Demonic Possession can do to a human being.  Without spiritual help, the end result of all possessed people is suicide.  This is the ultimate goal of the Demon.  

Listed below are SOME signs that MAY lead you to believe that your home is infested with Demonic activity.  Please keep in mind that this list is limited and that I can verify this information from my personal studies and investigations.

  • Unexplainable foul odors that appear from nowhere and the source cannot be found
  • If you hear knocking or banging on the walls and the source cannot be found - bangings will often come in 3's - as a mocking of the Trinity
  • Banging noises in the walls can be Poltergeist activity and this should not be confused with Demonic
  • Pay very close to how animals in the home react - are they frightened and alarmed at something you cannot see but hear?
  • Many people have claimed to have seen dark shadowy figures but this can also be human entities as well
  • There will be an overwhelming oppressive feeling - people feeling sick to their stomach while going to the infested room.  Keep in mind that this could also be electro currents causing havic as well.
  • You begin to get a sense of dread and your 6th sense tells you that something is not right
  • Heavy objects will move by themselves and these objects usually have a target - you or guests
  • Religious articles are destroyed or they may completely disappear and pay attention to any
  • Growling noises that can be clearly heard but the source cannot be verified.
  • Paranormal Activiy usually begins when prayers are said

If you are experiencing any of these issues, PLEASE contact us immediately and we will 

investigate the problem for you, FREE OF CHARGE!